"I have received so very many great comments and compliments on your performance ... the festival was largely an "old-time" music event, so I personally was curious as to how an "old-time" audience would react to celtic ballads and instrumentals ... I think it was obvious to all that your group was one of the big hits of the day ... another group of your quality doesn't exist in this area. Your arrangements were ingenious, your voices blended beautifully, and your instrumental mastery impressed many of the musicians who were in the audience (not an easy thing to do)."
Christopher Deane
Festival Director
Piedmont Folk Heritage Festival

"You were unquestionably the high point in our entertainment and I'm really enjoying your recordings ... Your kind of musical magic and technical skill generates a special warmth and excitement, and we'd love to hear much more of your music. Thanks again!"
Mitzi Poole
Music Chairman
Southern Maryland Highland Games

"I was most impressed by your performance at the fraternity house. Your humor and music won over a difficult audience. The students especially appreciated your approachability ... the group is hoping to have you back again next year. I am delighted and a little stunned!"
Leslie Marsicano
Program Coordinator
Duke University

"They tore the place apart on St. Patrick's Day."
Judy Hammond
Rhythm Alley

"I just wanted to say again how very much I enjoyed your concert last night and how pleased I am with your recording. The intimacy of your music is so rare in these days of heavily arranged Celtic music - a delightful change."
Susan Squires-Stewart
Fiddle and Bow Society

"Your warm, easy-going, humorous stage manner is perfect for children."
Ruth Smullen
George Watt School

"When I walked into the room, I got a contact high from your energy."
Stephen Michelson
Physical Records

"When we heard your music on WETA, everyone in the house sort of woke up. We were all ready to jump into our coats and rush right out the door to go hear you, wherever you were."
Anonymous DC fan

"You guys were wonderful! You can come back ANY time!"
Ray Morrison
Royal Mile Pub

"I was so excited after your St. Pat's show I couldn't get to sleep. It was one of the best performances I've ever heard."
Mary Eldridge
concertina player and composer

We performed for the first-ever Jewish Music Festival at congregation Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, the oldest synagogue in Charleston South Carolina. The event was produced by the Creative Spark Center for the Arts.

Thank you very much for Mappamundi's wonderful performance at KKBE's Jewish Music Festival. We have received countless compliments about the talented musicianship and warm interchange with the audience. It made our first festival so well received. Everyone got into the spirit because of your friendly, encouraging approach and the music you chose. Most of all, I was touched by how much my mother-in-law enjoyed the day. It showed me that the music had appeal to a wide age group and that is what made the day so successful.

Carol Antman

A program at WCU (Western Carolina University) in previous years was music from across Europe and America. This time the program was entirely of Jewish music (Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino).

Mappamundi crisscrosses the map to pull from diverse traditions and shape into something their own. Their ability to surprise and their relaxed virtuosity made enthusiastic fans of an audience that were left wanting more.

Beth Johnson (johnsonb@email.wcu.edu)
Western Carolina University

This wedding couple specified medieval music for the ceremony and Russian and Polish music for the reception.

Mappamundi helped make our wedding a wonderful experience for everyone. In fact, I can't imagine a better band for any special occasion. Their energy, warmth and enthusiasm are infectious, and they are consummate professionals. We are so glad that we chose Mappamundi for our wedding instead of some run-of-the-mill cover band or DJ! And our guests were glad, too -- we're still receiving compliments about the band from friends and family.

Jim Magaw

Swing music for an older audience

Mappamundi did a back-yard concert -- mainly Forties tunes -- to cheer up Dad after heart surgery. The audience laughed and cried, and even danced. They're still talking about it.

Ken Klein (kklein@oaaa.org)
Washington, DC

Our concert of Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Bosnian and Greek music was the culmination of a year-long series focusing on those cultures at UNC-Greensboro.

What a great concert! I've already had emails from students saying that it was wonderful--I loved it and I am so pleased that we were able to host you. Thank you for your generosity---next time, I promise a packed house in the Organ Recital Hall. Please pass my thanks on to the rest of Mappamundi--extraordinary!

Kathleen Ahern (k_ahern@uncg.edu)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

We have appeared many times at Durham's "Festival for the Eno"

Mappamundi (Italian for "map of the world") brought to the Eno "pub music, soul music, dance-at-your-Greek-friend's-wedding music"

(Kathleen Dayton, The Sun News)

Another cross-cultural wedding: Jewish and Greek. We learned almost an entire cd full of special requests for this bride!

Mappamundi performed the ceremony and cocktail music at our wedding at Windy Oaks Inn at Chapel Hill. Being Greek (bride) and Jewish (groom), we wanted to capture the rich traditions of each culture through music. Mappamundi played both genres with soul, eloquence, and scholarly enthusiasm. We were also very impressed by their their willingness to learn new traditional Greek and Jewish music to make our experience even more meaningful for us and our families. Thanks again for putting so much work into our wedding!

Eve Canoutas (ecanoutas@yahoo.com)

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