Rates: We operate on a sliding scale, on the honor system. For up to 3-1/2 hours:

You decide where you stand on our luxury-scale. Be fair. These fees can include ceremony AND reception.

Amplification: We charge $60 to bring, set up, and operate our sound system.

Electric Piano: We charge $50 to bring, set up, and operate an electric piano; we happily use one that's already on-site if it's in tune.

Travel: Out of town, we ask $25/person per hour of traveling. Example: Greensboro is one hour away, so this would be an additional $100 for two people. If you are more than three hours away, and your event will run late, plan to find us (humble) accommodations for the night. If you are more than 5 hours away, let's talk.

Overtime:If your event will require our presence for more than 3-1/2 hours, let's talk.

Weather: In these days of global warming, we strongly advise against summer outdoor weddings! We have seen brides faint and many miserable guests. Likewise, if it's late fall, your guests in their lightweight formalwear will be unhappy and shivering if you are outside. Our instruments cannot withstand great heat or rain and we can't play when it's cold. Therefore, this is our policy: We require cover from direct sun or sudden unexpected rain (ie a tent or porch or the like). We do not play outside when it is less than 57 degrees or more than 90 degrees. If you are having an outdoor wedding and do NOT have an indoor alternate location for inclement weather, if the weather is bad we will not come and we will keep the deposit. But really, for your guests' sake and your own peace of mind, please have an alternate indoor location. It will save you a lot of misery. Let us tell you stories of fainting brides, shorted-out electronics, weddings which were delayed for an hour while some guests were trapped in a house and others in a tent waiting for a deluge to end, guests shivering and blue, etc. if you need convincing...


Email jane@mappamundi.com or, even better, pick up the phone and call me at 919-606-2122 - if you leave a message, be sure to leave the date and location of your event as well as your phone number (and speak slowly and clearly). I can help you with your planning. Jane Peppler

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